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Xbox One S: specs, price, 500GB release date and everything we know about the slim console


The Xbox One S – the slimline hardware refresh that’s billed as the most compact Xbox ever made – is available now with a 2TB hard drive ahead of 1GB and 500GB versions available soon.

It’s 40% smaller than current Xbox One hardware, supports 4K output, HDR visuals, and various other small but important tweaks over the model that debuted in late 2013, including an unadvertised performance boost to some games. Here’s everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new console.

Xbox One S specs vs Xbox One – how does it compare to the launch system?


Our Xbox One S review and tech interview with Microsoft’s Albert Penello by Digital Foundry goes into the new system in extensive detail, but at a glance, the redesign changes the hardware in a number of ways:

What’s new in the Xbox One S:

  • 40% smaller form factor with a new “robot white” colour scheme
  • HDR visuals for supported games and video, 4K video support for Blu-rays, apps and movies, and 4K upscaling for games
  • GPU performance boost up to 9 frames-per-second on some games
  • A New Xbox Wireless Controller with a revamped design and Bluetooth connection
  • The console can now be stood upright with an optional vertical stand
  • The ‘On’ button at the front of the console is physical, instead of being touch sensitive
  • The device pairing button and one of the three USB ports are now located to the front of the device
  • Offers up to 2TB storage, depending on the SKU (1GB and 500GB models also available)
  • An IR Blaster on the front of the device, similar to the Kinect’s IR Blaster, allowing you to turn on other devices like your TV and set top boxes without traditional remotes