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Witness the horror of Thomas the Tank Engine in Fallout 4

Back in 2013 modder trainwiz perverted Skyrim by replacing its dragons with terrifying renditions of Thomas the Tank Engine. Now they’re back and they’ve taken to Fallout 4’s Commonwealth.


This latest mod replaces all sorts of Fallout 4 models with the unblinking, unfeeling Tank Engine That Could while their cries have been replaced by Thomas’ haunting train whistle. Toot, toot.

Deathclaws, Vertibirds, missiles, mini-nukes, the MIRV launchers, Liberty Prime and one of the Flight Helmets have all been transformed into the image of Thomas the Tank Engine.

“I’m sure you have just like me, sat near your fireplace at some point, sipped tea and ate a small animal and said to yourself ‘Why has nobody put Thomas the Tank Engine in Fallout 4 yet. I mean, he clearly fits in every possible way!'” said modder trainwiz on NexusMods, where you can grab the Really Useful Fallout mod.

“I certainly wondered this, and so, I underwent a long, six year journey of discovery. After killing all my rivals and eating their hearts, I realised I could just ask a friend to port some meshes for me, and made this abomination. Welcome to Really Useful Fallout, an abomination that replaces a variety of things in Fallout with Thomas the Tank Engine. Because why not, god is already dead after all.”