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Volume finally has PlayStation Vita release date

The PlayStation Vita version of Volume will finally launch on 6th January, developer Mike Bithell has announced (or, if you live in North American, 5th January).


It will arrive almost six months after its PC and PlayStation 4 brethren, which originally released back in August.

At the time, Bithell said the Vita version would be delayed a couple of weeks due to personal problems and submission to Sony.

In a blog post today, Bithell has explained he then decided to take extra time to polish the Vita version further based on player feedback.

As previously announced, Volume will be a Cross-buy game – so if you already own it on PS4 then you’ll get it on Vita for free. And vice versa, if you pick it up when the Vita edition launches.

Next up for Mike Bithell Games is the Volume: Coda expansion pack which will launch first for PlayStation VR.