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The overpowered, broken Prometheus Lens makes Destiny 2 fun again

Over the weekend I dipped back in to Destiny 2 to grab the bugged, seriously overpowered gun Prometheus Lens from everyone’s favourite video game arms dealer Xur – and I ended up having more fun with the game than I’d had in a good long while.


The Prometheus Lens, in all its overpowered glory.

One of the weirdly brilliant things about the Destiny games is they’re at their most memorable when they’re broken. We had this with Destiny 1 and the Vex Mythoclast, an exotic fusion rifle that evaporated poor Crucible opponents in the blink of an eye. And while Crota’s End was a disappointing follow-up to the never-been-bettered vanilla Destiny raid Vault of Glass, I’ll never forget spending hour after hour trying to take Crota himself down as our raid leader disconnected his PlayStation 4 from the internet.

And so we come to Prometheus Lens, a trace rifle that hit the headlines last week for the speed with which it melts enemy Guardian faces in the Crucible. This trace rifle fires a red laser beam that does such a ridiculous amount of damage so quickly, that it is now the first gun on the team sheet for Destiny 2 PVP fans.

Amid yet another Destiny 2 outcry (the game’s not having the best of times at the moment, bless it), Bungie announced a plan to nerf the Prometheus Lens. It launched with a bug that made it do more damage than intended, Bungie, affectionately nicknamed Bungo by fans for its penchant for cockups such as this, admitted.

Would Bungie cancel the weekend’s Trials of the Nine event as a result? Trials is Destiny’s ultra competitive PVP event. People take it very seriously, and the last thing it needed was a whole load of red laser beams of death ruining the fun for everyone.

No, Bungie replied. Trials would go ahead as planned. Not only that, it gave everyone Prometheus Lens. And so Xur, troll face basking in the reflective glory of the European Dead Zone’s stunning sky box, opened his van-full of exotic wares and sold Prometheus Lens to the Destiny masses by the bucketload.