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The E3 Bulletin: Thursday

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With Shenmue 3 and The Last Guardian now back on the scene (although the latter totally unchanged since we last saw it and the former not without some concerns) we’ve been wondering what unicorns the industry has left. Thankfully, Ubisoft has stepped up, confirming that Michel Ancel is not working on Beyond Good and Evil 2, probably thus ensuring the game’s “impossible dream” status for at least another year.

With all the conferences now behind us, opinion is divided on who won but the broad consensus is that Nintendo lost. Martin argued that there’s more to cherish than fans are saying (Nintendo put out an infographic on the subject, too) but while Miyamoto says that Zelda will still come to Wii U, we learned that the next proper Metroid is only going to be on NX. Meanwhile, Nintendo has explained Samus’ absence from the new Federation Force: having four of her in the game “would be odd”. Seems legit! The new Mario Tennis is good though.

Elsewhere in Is This Platform Doomed? news, Sony surprised nobody by saying that it isn’t planning any triple-A games for Vita, while Microsoft said that actually, it does still love Kinect and will have have new Kinect titles before the end of the year. We wonder how many of these will be the final escapees from Don Mattrick’s Interactive Entertainment dungeon. Don’s not at the show this year, but fans of his Terminator-esque empathy gap are catered for by EA’s Andrew Wilson, who made some promising noises about creativity as embodied by Unravel but then spoiled it with repeated references to “human beings”.