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The 50 most exciting games of 2018


2017 was a hell of a year for video games; can 2018 top it? We’ve combed our calendars for what we think are the most promising, or at least the most interesting, prospects due out this year – that we know about. Most of these games have been announced for 2018; some have no release date but we think stand a good chance of making it out before year’s end. And of course, there are bound to be many great games out this year that we don’t know about yet.
With those caveats in mind, and in rough order of expected release date, here’s what we’re looking forward to this year.

The Inpatient

  • Release date: 24th January
  • Platforms: PS4

The Until Dawn universe expands with what promises to be a wonderfully schlocky tale of terror and amnesia in a creepy medical facility. And it’s headed to VR too.

Monster Hunter World

  • Release date: 26th January
  • Platforms: PS4 and Xbox One (PC later)