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Super Mario Run's biggest update yet adds new levels, a new mode and Daisy

Super Mario Run is getting its biggest update yet, with fresh levels, a new quickfire mode and the addition of a new playable character: Princess Daisy.


You can unlock Daisy by playing through Remix 10, a “frenetic” mode which will feature 10 level snippets from across the game. Each time you play you’ll get a different selection of sections. Collect enough Rainbow Medals by playing and you’ll… rescue Princess Daisy.

The other big addition is a whole new world of levels – World Star. Nine new levels will be available once you have completed the game’s existing stages across the first six worlds. New enemies and gameplay mechanics are promised.

Other new features include the ability to listen to your own music while playing – your in-game character will wear headphones if you do. There will, of course, also be new in-game items to decorate your Mushroom Kingdom.

The update is expected to arrive on Friday, 29th September – and if you haven’t got the game yet it will be half price for two weeks.

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