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Steam Greenlight had to go, but its replacement might just work

Steam Greenlight, Valve’s process for finding new games to place on the store, will soon be gone. In a few short months Valve will replace it with a much more straightforward system they’re calling Steam Direct because, well, it’s a more direct method of getting onto Steam. I know, I know, I don’t know how they came up with the name either.

For anybody browsing the store, it’ll make little to no difference in the long run though I’m sure by this time next week there will be a thousand think pieces, a thousand videos by shouting, visibly angry men and a bucketful of tweets to throw into the ocean never to be seen again which all predict the sky will fall, all the games will be lost in the noise, quality will go down and a plague of locusts will nibble at the toes of your first born.

They will all be wrong. Except the bit about the locusts, that’s just the natural end to 2017 really. I’d start taking precautions if I were you.

The very idea of ‘too many games’ that many will lean on is absurd the moment you give it more than a moments thought.

There are not too many games on Steam in the same way there aren’t too many songs on Spotify, there aren’t too many books in libraries, I’d say too many films on Netflix as well but I’m in the UK and we only have six and a picture of a swan threatening to break your arm or something. Just pretend I’m not in the UK if it helps. You all know what I mean.

Either way not only is the claim of too many games a ridiculous thing, it’s misunderstanding the problems Valve (and by extension, us) face.