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Sonic Team apologises for scandalous in-game typo

Sega’s free-to-play auto-running game Sonic Runners launched with an amusing typo that calls one of its characters “Boob” instead of “Boo”.

This was only discovered today as the Boob character is unique to the seasonal Halloween Special Stage.

Now, when you boot up the game’s Event, you’re served the following “Halloween Special Stage – Correction” notice:

“In the current ‘Halloween Special Stage’ event the character ‘Boo’ has been incorrectly named ‘Boob’. We are currently working on a fix for this error and hope to have one implemented shortly.

“The Sonic Runners team apologises for any inconvenience caused and hopes to see you again soon in the world of Sonic Runners!”

Thanks to Paul Veer for the head’s up.


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