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Resident Evil 7 herbs revealed

Resident Evil 7’s healing items have been detailed by Capcom – and there’s a twist to how the game’s health system might work.

Capcom confirmed to Eurogamer back at E3 that herbs would return in Resident Evil 7.

Herbs have been a staple of the series since its inception, and will once again play a part in the upcoming game. From the new image below, it also looks like you will once again be able to combine herbs – seen in the various sizes of green bottles.


The gold coin is a surprise, however. It could hint at Resident Evil 7 allowing you to heal yourself by coughing up some cash – or there may be more to it.

Capcom released the image to Resident Evil Ambassadors ahead of the game’s next big reveal at Gamescom – which is now only a week away.

We expect to see the full Resident Evil 7 for the first time at the event. E3 showcased the game’s separate playable teaser only, which won’t be a part of the final game.

We’ll also be hunting down answers on that mysterious disembodied finger, too.

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