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Pokémon Sun and Moon Happiness: How to increase Happiness fast and Happiness checker location

Pokmon Sun and Moon Happiness is one of the more obtuse mechanics in the game. While there are many ways for Pokmon Sun and Moon Evolutions to take place, some require you to raise a Pokmon’s Happiness to a certain level before it can move onto the next evolution, and so learning how the mechanic works and how to increase it pays off.

There are multiple methods – including one very fast one as discovered by the community – that’ll get you your Alolan Persian, Silvally or Snorlax in no time.

Pokmon Sun and Moon Happiness: How it works, how it’s used and Happiness checker location

Happiness – also known as friendliness, but not to be confused with ‘affection’ in Pokmon-Amie – is a hidden stat that determines how close a Pokmon is to its trainer. It’s primary use is to evolve certain Pokmon, but it can also change the effectiveness of moves ‘Return’ and ‘Frustration’, where high or low friendship will improve their strength respectively.

To check the Happiness of your Pokmon, visit the market in Konikoni City where someone will inform you of its value. To evolve your creature, you’ll want it very positive.

New Happiness evolutions in Pokmon Sun and Moon are:

  • Alolan Meowth to Alolan Persian
  • Type: Null to Silvally

Pokmon that require Happiness to evolve from previous generations are:

  • Azurill to Marill
  • Budew to Roselia (daytime only)
  • Buneary to Lopunny
  • Chansey to Blissey
  • Chilngling to Chimecho (nightime only)
  • Eevee to Espeon (daytime only)
  • Eevee to Umbreon (nightime only)
  • Golbat to Crobat
  • Igglybugg to Jigglypuff
  • Munchlax to Snorlax
  • Pichu to Pikachu
  • Riolu to Lucario (daytime only)
  • Togepi to Togetic
  • Swadloon to Leavanny
  • Woobat to Swoobat

How to increase Pokmon Happiness fast in Pokmon Sun and Moon

The easiest and fastest technique – according to the Pokmon Sun and Moon sub-Reddit – has you essentially teach a Pokmon a set of TMs over and over again, raising their happiness.

Find two TMs the desired Pokmon can learn, then use one of the TMs on a move you don’t want. Then, replace that move with the other TM at your disposal. Replace that one with the first TM, and repeat over and over for (what the tip recommends to be) around five to the ten minutes, then level up the creature. It should then easily evolve.

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Other ways to increase Happiness in Pokmon Sun and Moon

Of course, you might not have two TMs at your disposal, or you might want to learn how to do it the traditional way. There are plenty of ways Happiness can be increased, but the easiest and most effective are:

  • Catching in a Friend Ball – Very high initial Happiness boost
  • Catching in a Luxury Ball – Doubles all future Happiness; you can find one from Malie Garden
  • Holding a Soothe Bell – Doubles Happiness; from Route 3
  • Levelling up – Small boost to Happiness
  • Using a Vitamin – Small boost to Happiness
  • Teaching moves – Small boost to Happiness
  • Eating certain Berries – Hondew, Qualot, Tamato Berries – Small boost to Happiness

Note that fainting will decrease happiness, if only slightly. Also, if you trade a Pokmon away and receive it again later, it’ll return to its original state of Happiness.

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