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Pokémon is getting a live-action film based around Detective Pikachu

The rumours of Pokmon getting a live-action film treatment have solidified as Legendary Entertainment has acquired the rights to turn the franchise into a feature film.


As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, this movie will be a live-action affair based around Detective Pikachu.

This fluffy gumshoe is a new character in the Pokmon universe that only just premiered this year in the Japan-only 3DS-exclusive spin-off adventure Great Detective Pikachu.

This crime-solving mystery still doesn’t have a confirmed western release, though fans were very keen to get Danny DeVito to voice him. In fact, over 50k people signed a petition to strong-arm DeVito and The Pokmon Company into making this happen.

When questioned about this in April, DeVito said “What the f*** is Pokmon?” Ostensibly he now knows, but whether he’d be interested in the role is another matter.


Top Pokmasters may catch ’em all, yet the rare legendary DeVito remains elusive.

Plans are for the film to go into production in 2017. Universal Pictures will handle its distribution in the west.

Apparently Netflix was vying for claim to Pokmon, which has become more popular than ever following the launch of Pokmon GO earlier this month. Since its US debut 6th July Nintendo’s stock has shot up $9bn.

There have already been 19 Pokmon films, though they were all animated and many of which remained exclusive to Japan. In fact, the most recent one, Pokmon the Movie: Volcanion and the Exquisite Magearna, only launched last week over there.

What do you make of Pokmon being adapted into a live-action franchise? It’s got to make more sense than the impending Tetris trilogy, amirite?

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