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Pokémon Go's Nearby feature live now in the UK

PokStop what you’re doing and play.


After months in testing, Pokmon Go’s Nearby feature is live right now in the UK.

The tool offers an improved method of tracking close-by creatures by showing which Pokstop they are closest to. Head to the PokStop shown next to each critter and you’ll find it lurking somewhere within its radius.

We’ve been waiting a long time for Nearby to land here in Blighty, although the feature has only started to rapidly roll-out in the past coming weeks.

Before that, Pokmon Go’s home city of San Francisco was the only place in the world it was available – for months.

But after a lot of waiting, Pokmon Go updates are finally picking up. Last week’s Thanksgiving event also unlocked the illusive Ditto to find.

We caught up with Pokmon Go developer Niantic last month for an in-depth chat on the game’s future – and how it felt weathering the storm of publicity whipped up by the app’s hugely-successful launch and early growing pains.

Next up on the horizon is the release of Pokmon Gold and Silver’s menagerie – another 100-odd creatures which have already been sighted in the game’s code.

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