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Pokémon Go region exclusives can be caught from eggs, evidence suggests

Pokmon Go features four Pokmon which – up until now – were thought to only be obtainable in certain regions.

Taurus can be caught in the wild in North America, for example, while Mr. Mime can be caught in Europe.

Farfetch’d can be grabbed in Japan, while Kangaskhan can be captured in Australia.

Last week we reported on a player who had grabbed 142 of the original 151 critters – and who everyone thought had reached the maximum number possible without getting on a plane.

No so. Today, two examples have emerged of players with more than 142 Pokmon in their Pokdex, including one player who has 145 – the absolute maximum number thought possible.

No-one, anywhere, has any of the six remaining critters: the three legendary birds Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres; the shape-changing Ditto; or Mewtwo or Mew.


French-style mime Mr. Mime is Europe’s ‘exclusive’. American buffalo-esque Taurus is North America’s. The marsupial Kangaskhan is Australia’s and Farfetch’d is found in Japan – where the bird’s name originates as a proverb.

Pokmon Go launched with little information for players on how to catch every species. But, if anything, this has brought the community together to work out Pokmon Go’s hidden mechanics and tricks.

BBC News has spoken with 33-year-old Sam Clark who caught 142 Pokmon available in the wild in the UK, plus the US-exclusive Taurus, while playing around his local area – Southampton and Gosport.

Clark captured his final catch, Lapras, “round the back of Primark”.

Eurogamer has separately spoken with a California-based player who claims he was the first to catch all 145.

“My name is John Smith (yes, for real) and I caught all my pokemon in California,” Smith told me. “Mostly in my hometown of Santa Rosa, or San Francisco.

“I’m 42 and suffer from severe agoraphobia due to PTSD. PoGo has been exceptionally therapy in overcoming that.”

In his spare time, Smith runs a YouTube channel, Oninous Gaming and “yes, my streaming times are usually Euro friendly!”

“If I find a way to raise money for a GoPro, I want to do a Let’s Play series on YouTube that may help other people with agoraphobia or similar disabilities relate and get out there.”

Here’s Smith to talk us through his Pokdex: