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Pokémon Go is the most popular mobile game in US history

Having launched in the US only one week ago, Pokmon Go is already the biggest mobile game in US history based on its daily active users.


According to analysis site SurveyMonkey, Pokmon Go had just under 21m daily active users as of yesterday. The record prior to that was Candy Crush Saga’s 20m.

It’s worth noting that at one point Candy Crush Saga has 93m daily active users, but that was across all countries. For a more fair comparison, SurveyMonkey just compared the US figures.

The stat analysis site noted that Pokmon Go became more popular than Twitter after a mere three days and it’s on track to surpass Snapchat within a couple of days on Android.

This isn’t to say that Pokmon Go will have long-term success as other popular titles like Draw Something and Miitomo launched like gangbusters before quickly becoming yesterday’s news.

We’re still waiting for Pokmon Go’s UK launch, though it should be very, very soon as the popular app just launched in Germany.


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