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Pokémon Go guide, tips and tricks

Pokmon Go guides

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Pokmon Go guide, tips and tricks
How to find Pokemon, get Pokballs and PokCoins without spending cash, gain XP and more.

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Pokmon Go tips and tricks

There’s a trick to locating specific Pokmon nearby

Pokmon are encountered primarily out in the wild, appearing visibly on the map (and with a vibration of your smartphone) to then be caught with a tap of the touchscreen. It’s common to not find Pokmon as you go from A to B, and while you can continue on your existing journey and will eventually stumble into one or two, but there is a science to how to target both specific creatures and finding more creatures in general with the game’s built-in radar system and series of items, which we delve into more with our how to catch Pokemon guide.

How to get Eggs and hatch multiple at once


Eggs are one tab away in your Pokemon collection.

As well as finding Pokemon out in the wild, you can also collect eggs as you play from interacting PokeStops and other means.

Once you have collected an egg, jump into your Pokmon collection screen, and then select the tab on the upper right. Tap the egg you want to hatch, and you can put it into an incubator, if you have one available. You’ll start the game with one that you can use as many times as you like, and also find and purchase additional one-time incubators so you can have multiple eggs brewing at once.

After the designated number of kilometres walked, the egg will then hatch. The further the distance it takes the hatch, the rarer the Pokmon that will emerge from the egg, so keep that in mind if you want to have a chance of getting some more elusive creatures.

Can you use fool the game with public transport to hatch eggs and find Pokemon?

Since the app uses the amount of distance you have travelled to hatch eggs and unlock certain medals, you might think that catching a bus or train is a quick way of travelling a large distance. However, the game will know that you are travelling too fast, and won’t register the movement at all. As if things were that easy!

That said, if you’re not needing to track specific Pokemon, then using public transport is a great way to increase your chances of encountering them out in the wild; after all, you can complete a capture without having to stay in a fixed position.

Public transport isn’t a great way to interact with PokeStops or Gyms, however, which require you to be in their radius to activate and use. While Gyms are impossible to use in a matter of seconds, you can ‘queue up’ a PokeStop interaction that your method of transport is about to pass through, and then spin the screen when you go through it.

The many ways to get XP and increase your Trainer level

By gaining experience points (or XP), you can level up your Trainer level, unlocking bonus items, rarer Pokmon out in the wild, and once you pass level 5, the ability to fight in Gyms.

There are many ways to gain experience in Pokmon Go, and one of the easiest ways to gain experience is to keep visiting PokStops, which are blue-coloured monuments that appear at certain landmarks. Each one will give you experience (usually 50 or 100 EXP) and items such as Pokballs or Potions.

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Once you’ve visited and spun the icon to get the items, PokStops will then ‘reset’ every five to ten minutes, allowing you revisit them over and over. If you live in an area with several in close proximity – cities and parks are usually good shouts – you can visit them one after another in a loop to gain easy experience.

If you combine this by using the experience-doubling Lucky Egg item, as well as working on hatching eggs (giving you 200XP for discovered breeds) and catching Pokmon (see below) as you go, then it’ll make your journey even more worthwhile.

Catching new Pokmon is the most lucrative way of gaining experience, however, giving you 500XP per new discovery and 100XP if you’ve seen encountered it before, so it pays to be on the lookout for creatures you haven’t caught yet. Evolving Pokmon also gives you 500XP, but obviously requires some prep and plenty of Candy on hand, while fighting in Gyms will also give you some without having to rely on moving around.

Making Pokmon stronger is vital for taking on gyms

Each Pokemon has a CP level, which dictates how strong they are in battle, and can be increased by evolving and Powering Up. You need specific resources to do this, and you can read up on how to evolve and Power up Pokemon, as well as gain bonus Candy. Once you’re ready, you can then take them into Gym battles.

How to get Pokballs and PokCoins without spending cash


To gain Pokballs, the easiest way is to visit PokStops which, alongside other items, usually give you between two and six a visit. You can also buy them using PokeCoins, if you’re running low and don’t have time to run around and collect them from ‘Stops.

PokeCoins is the game’s currency in the game, used to buy items from the shop, and the good news is you don’t have to purchase them with in-game micro-transactions. By having a Pokmon defending a gym you earn 20 PokeCoins per day.

Once you hit level 5, you are invited to join one of three teams – Team Instinct, Team Mystic, or Team Valor. The only difference between the three is cosmetic, so choose whichever takes your fancy. The point of teams is to divide the users into competing camps that control gyms, with the idea for players to seek out gyms owned by rival groups, take control of them, and continue to defend them over time, with the game rewarding players for doing so.

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