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Pokémon Go – Get XP fast, when to use Lucky Eggs to double XP gains

Increasing your Trainer level is one of the most important things you can do in Pokmon Go. The higher your Trainer level, the higher CP the Pokmon you encounter will have, increasing their effectiveness in Gym battles, and will also increase your chances of discovering rare Pokemon.

Not only that, but each new Trainer level will also give you a series of items, which become more lucrative the higher your level, unlocking more powerful Pokballs and more.

If you want to gain XP quickly, then there’s a number of smart ways in doing so – including a way to get a staggering 60,000 XP in 30 minutes.

Get every Pidgey, Weedle and Caterpie you see for fast XP in Pokmon Go

The fastest and most effective means of gaining XP is by evolving multiple Pokmon one after another while a Lucky Egg multiplier is active.


While you can evolve any Pokmon within that window to gain 500 XP per evolution – or 1000 XP with the Lucky Egg multiplier – the reason why you go after Pidgeys, Weedles and Caterpies is the amount of Candy required to evolve them is less than other Pokmon – a scant 12 Candy compared to the usual 25 or 50 of other creatures. It also helps that they’re very common finds.

As a comparison, you need 25 Candies to evolve other common creatures such as Rattata, Eevee or Oddish – we’ve assembled some tips on how to get Candy effectively, if you need them. If you need help farming specific Pokmon or certain types, then use our how to find Pokmon nearby and how to locate Pokmon by Type pages.

To get the most out of this method, capture as many Pidgeys, Weedles and Caterpies as you can, with each capture giving you Candy and a potential creature to evolve. Remember you can get free Candy by transferring them back to the Professor, but make sure you have enough to actually evolve. Thankfully, there’s a handy online calculator named PidgeyCalc that will work out exactly how many you need to transfer to maximise your time, and how long it will take.

If you prepare this method correctly, and have the exact right amount of Pokmon and Candy when you use the Lucky Egg, it’s possible to evolve up to 60 Pokmon within 30 minutes – earning you a staggering 60,000 XP.

Other ways of gaining XP fast

If you don’t have enough Pokmon for a mass evolving spree, and you still want to gain some easy (though admittedly not as lucrative) XP, then there are many other activities that can get you what you need.

As a reminder of what activities gain you how much XP, here’s a run down to help you plan your activities on when you are about to use a Lucky Egg. Remember all these are at the standard XP rate, so simply double it to find out what you’ll receive when that’s activated.

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Catching Pokmon:

  • Catch a Pokmon with a Curveball – 10 XP
  • Catch a Pokmon with a Nice throw – 10 XP
  • Catch a Pokmon with a Great throw – 50 XP
  • Catch a Pokmon with an Excellent Throw – 100XP
  • Capture any Pokmon – 100XP
  • Catch a new Pokmon – 500XP (+100XP for the above)

Interacting with PokeStops and Gyms:

  • Interacting with a PokStop – 50XP
  • Winning a Gym training session in your gym – Varies based on CP difference
  • Winning a Gym battle vs one Pokmon – 150XP
  • Winning a Gym battle vs two Pokemon – 250XP
  • Winning a Gym battle vs three Pokmon – 350XP
  • Winning a Gym battle vs four Pokmon – 450XP
  • Winning a Gym battle vs five Pokmon – 550XP…and so on!

Evolving and hatching Pokmon:

  • Hatching a Pokmon – 200XP
  • Evolving a Pokmon – 500XP
  • Evolving a new Pokmon – 500XP (on top of the standard 500XP for evolving)
  • Hatching a new Pokmon – 500XP (on top the standard 200XP for hatching)

Catching new Pokmon is surprisingly lucrative.

If you want to combine some of the above in a smart way, we highly recommend activating a Lucky Egg in an area filled with PokStops.

In the right areas of cities such as London, Brighton or Birmingham, you’ll find streets filled with them, making it a great opportunity to use a Lucky Egg as you explore, since many come one after another. Otherwise, find an area where you can loop back round and revisit older ones after the five minute expiry to use them again.

You can combine this with catching Pokmon along the way (you can get a little extra from special throws, remember that any new catches are worth more, if you’re lucky to find them on your route) then the XP soon adds up, especially if you use an Incense to attract Pokmon to you, or if you find yourself returning to the same PokStops, then dropping a Lure there could be particularly useful.

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What’s good about this method is with the right route, you won’t find a shortage of PokStops to interact with, giving you a steady stream of XP for the duration of your journey. While it’s not as fast as the evolution method, it’s a lot easier and in the right area can be performed at anytime. At lower levels, it’s easily enough to take you to the next Trainer level.

You can also try attempting to time an egg hatching during that 30 minutes to give you bonus XP, evolving creatures you’ve yet to discover for an additional 500 XP bonus, and taking on a rival Pokmon Gym is also good for XP gains. Filling 30 minutes with Gym battles would be difficult, especially if you have a team good enough to topple it quickly, but might be good to integrate into the above route. You can think of this method as a bonus way to farm common creatures that you can one day use for the evolving XP trick above, so catch everything you see!

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