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Pokémon Go Gen 3 artwork leaks on App Store, suggesting launch imminent

Pokmon Go artwork advertising the arrival of Gen 3 has leaked onto Apple’s own App Store.


We say ‘leaked’ – it’s likely someone behind the scenes simply uploaded the image a little bit too early.

The promotion’s subheading still references Go’s Halloween event which featured the game’s first handful of Gen 3 Pokmon and which also, funnily enough, popped up ahead of time on the App Store.

The Halloween event ‘leak’ occurred just a couple of days before the event was formally announced. Fans similarly expect Gen 3’s long-awaited arrival to now be days, rather than weeks, away.

Eagle-eyed fans over on reddit’s Silph Road spotted and shared the art, which shows Gen 3 Starters Torchic, Treecko and Mudkips.

Gen 3 Pokmon originally popped up in the Game Boy games with the launch of Ruby and Sapphire. Along with the above Starters, it also introduced Metagross, Aggron and Gardevoir, Latios and Latias.

Pokmon Go is in a pretty good place right now, with plenty to keep players busy – it currently hosts Legendary raids for Ho-oh and just concluded what may have been its best event yet to unlock Farfetch’d.

Ho-oh’s tenure in the game has now been extended until 14th December – could we see Gen 3 launch around then?

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