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Pokémon Go event to unlock Farfetch'd

Pokmon Go has a new event – the Global Catch Challenge – which has the potential to unlock the Japan-exclusive creature Farfetch’d for everyone around the world.

(Japanese players, meanwhile, will get the Australia-exclusive Kangaskhan.)

But, doing so will require a lot of catching – of 3bn Pokmon – from now until this Sunday, 26th November.

The challenge is global, and Pokmon Go developer Niantic has shipped out a number of high profile Go players, Youtubers and the like to Japan to chronicle their “Pokmon Go Travel” journey.

Back to the rewards. As soon as the bronze, silver and gold milestones are reached, the following rewards will be unlocked:


The rewards will then last until 1st December (with the exception of Farfetch’d and Kangaskhan’s availability, which will be just for 48 hours).

So, get catching. It’s a lot cheaper than a plane ticket to Japan!

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