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Please Knock on My Door review


Version tested PC

Have you ever had that voice in your head which tells you that your friends don’t like you? That nagging feeling people would be better off without you? Or that you are a failure in work? Thoughts and feelings we find ourselves trying to suppress but which still raise their ugly heads time and time again.

Please Knock on My Door doesn’t let you shy away from these feelings, but makes you face them head on.

This top-down adventure from Swedish developer Michael Levall puts you into the shoes of someone experiencing depression and social anxiety. Each day is a struggle as you balance work, social life and your own mental health. While doing so there’s a narrator who seems to reflect your inner-most thoughts and feelings – both good and bad.

As someone with first-hand experience of the issues at hand, I didn’t quite know what to expect with Please Knock on My Door. I wasn’t prepared for how emotionally challenging it would be.