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PlayStation 4 to PC Remote Play coming in next update

PlayStation 4 firmware update v3.50 includes a big new feature: PS4 Remote Play to PC and Mac.


Sony has been working on PC streaming for some time.

The ability to stream PS4 gameplay to your home computer brings the Sony console’s capabilities into line with Xbox One, which offers this with Windows 10.

There’s no date yet for the roll-out of firmware v3.50, although Sony has said it will begin beta testing other features – not including Remote Play – from tomorrow.

Other features in v3.50 include – finally – the ability to be notified when friends come online and the ability to set yourself to appear offline.

You’ll also be able to set a scheduled event – such as a gameplay session with friends, and set for specific people to be automatically added to a party.

Parties will be better supported with the ability to see what each Party member is playing so you can join in or start a new game together.

Finally, PS4 will allow you to stream live gameplay to Dailymotion.

We’ll update this when we get a firm public roll-out date.

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