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No Man's Sky save overhaul headlines a new PC and PS4 update

The work to improve No Man’s Sky continues with an overhaul of the save system in patch 1.38 released on PC and PS4 today.

You are now given five save slots and existing saves will be mapped to them. Each slot represents a new game and choice of mode, and has two sub-slots within it, one for auto saving (triggered when exiting your ship, dying, and buying a Freighter or claiming a base) and one for saving manually, via a save point or beacon.

The aim is to make managing saves between game modes “much easier”, Hello Games said.

There are many other alterations and improvements besides, like dead planets having more varied weather and storms on humid/lush planets no longer being being toxic – though there’s a chance for “very hot” rain to come splashing down, a bit like a slightly unpleasant shower.

There’s also a chance for pesky pirates to spawn earlier when warping into certain systems, which reflects an effort to make your exploration a little more unpredictable and varied. And targeting different ships should be better now too, meaning fewer unintended space brawls.

A number of bugs have been fixed as well. Full 1.38 patch notes are below.

No Man’s Sky arrived last summer amid a whole maelstrom of reaction, which sent Hello Games underground. But the developer appears determined to wrest No Man’s Sky into a place of happier memory by releasing major updates with features like base building. Oli warped back in a year after reviewing No Man’s Sky to see what had changed.