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Nintendo sold 2m SNES mini consoles in a month

Nintendo has shifted more than 2m SNES mini consoles since its launch a month ago.


The retrotastic microconsole launched in Europe and North America on 29th September, and then in Japan on 5th October.

Since then, it has shifted 2m units worldwide. Nearly 370k units were shifted in half a week in Japan.

It’s an impressive number, and especially so as stock has been so hard to come by. The SNES mini has regularly run out in UK retailers. In Japan, queues have formed outside stores with the SNES mini in stock.

SNES mini comes with 21 games included. Its highlight? Star Fox 2, finally released for the first time.

More SNES mini stock is on the way, Nintendo has pledged, and NES mini stock will also return to shop shelves next year.

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