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Lost Odyssey receives Xbox One backward compatibility today

Three new titles are being added to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility library today.


Lost Odyssey tells the tale of a man forever tormented by a wayward strand of hair.

These include Mistwalker’s cult-classic 2008 JRPG Lost Odyssey, a game about an immortal man with amnesia that we considered more than a cut above its peers in storytelling, in no small part due to its text-based short stories by acclaimed Japanese novelist Kiyoshi Shigematsu.

“Certainly, no other game has managed to capture such a breathtakingly elegiac tone, or created such a compelling account of the immortal longing for mortality,” wrote Eurogamer contributor Dave McCarthy in his Lost Odyssey review.

Toy Story 3 is likewise coming to Xbox One today. Eurogamer contributor Dan Whitehead called the movie tie-in “a rare treat that appreciates the fine line between play and playing, and hints at a future where movie tie-ins could actually be something to look forward to” in his review.

Finally, Cave’s 1999 arcade “bullet-hell” shooter Guwange is making the conversion to Microsoft’s modern hardware. We liked that one too.

For the full list of Xbox 360 titles available on Microsoft’s latest console, check out our Xbox One backwards compatibility list.

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