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Horizon: Zero Dawn sells 2.6m copies in two weeks

Horizon: Zero Dawn has shifted 2.6m units globally since its 28th February launch, Sony has announced.


This makes it the most successful new IP exclusive to the PS4 since the console launched in late 2013.

It’s also had the best-selling debut of any title by developer Guerrilla Games, best known for its work on the Killzone franchise.

Last week it was revealed that Horizon led UK retail sales for the first week of launch, toppling even Zelda – though that’s not an even comparison with fewer Switch units being available (and only 22 per cent of Breath of the Wild copies sold in the UK were on Wii U).

Our Martin Robinson had complicated feeling about Guerilla Games’ latest. As you can read in his Horizon: Zero Dawn review, he found much to admire, but little to inspire.

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