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Here's your first look at Square Enix's Left Alive

Following its reveal at Tuesday’s Sony Press Conference, Square Enix afforded us a first look proper at Left Alive, the third-person survival shooter set in the Front Mission universe.


Producer Shinji Hashimoto, game director Toshifumi Nabeshima and character artist Yoji Shinkawa – who’s appearing on-loan from Kojima Productions – took to the stage at today’s Tokyo Game Show to reveal a little bit more about the game, and give a brief glimpse of it in action.

Left Alive takes place between Front Mission 5 and Front Mission Evolved, and features three different protagonists. The focus seems to have shifted from the mechs – or Wanzers, as they’re cutely known in Front Mission’s universe – onto the player characters, with no mech customisation but the promise of crafting for weapons. That ties into the survival nature of the game, with an emphasis on third-person shooting and laying down traps in the environment. There’s a distinct Metal Gear vibe to it all – perhaps understandable given the presence of artist Shinkawa, famed for his work on Konami’s series.