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FIFA 17 best players – the top 50 players ranked by Overall rating

We’ve already put together our list of the highest rated players by position in FIFA 17, along with FIFA 17’s highest-potential wonderkids, too. But while they’re helpful for your more specific squad-building goals, it’s also worth ranking all players in the game too – so if you’re splashing the Sheikh’s cash for City, you can go straight to the top.

The best way to use this guide, if you have something specific in mind, would be to Ctrl+F to find players of a certain position, rating, club or name.

With that in mind, let’s get straight into the rankings:


FIFA 17 best players by Overall rating

Rank Player Club Position Overall Rating
1. Ronaldo Real Madrid LW 94
2. Messi Barcelona RW 93
3. Neymar Barcelona LW 92
4. Surez Barcelona ST 92
5. Neuer Bayern Munich GK 92
6. Bale Real Madrid RW 90
7. Ibrahimović Manchester United ST 90
8. Boateng Bayern Munich CB 90
9. Lewandowski Bayern Munich ST 90
10. De Gea Manchester United GK 90
11. Agero Manchester City ST 89
12. zil Arsenal CAM 89
13. Courtois Chelsea GK 89
14. Ramos Real Madrid CB 89
15. Modrić Real Madrid CM 89
16. Silva Paris Saint Germain CB 89
17. Griezmann Atletico Madrid ST 88
18. Pogba Manchester United CM 88
19. Higuan Juventus ST 88
20. Pepe Real Madrid CB 88
21. De Bruyne Manchester City CAM 88
22. Lahm Bayern Munich RB 88
23. Godn Atletico Madrid CB 88
24. Iniesta Barcelona CM 88
25. Reus Borussia Dortmund LM 88
26. Buffon Juventus GK 88
27. Kroos Real Madrid CM 88
28. Čech Arsenal GK 88
29. Chiellini Juventus CB 88
30. Hazard Chelsea LM 88
31. Lloris Tottenham Hotspur GK 88
32. Alaba Bayern Munich LB 87
33. Bonucci Juventus CB 87
34. Oblak Atletico Madrid GK 87
35. Rakitić Barcelona CM 87
36. Snchez Arsenal LW 87
37. Di Mara Paris Saint Germain RW 87
38. Mller Bayern Munich CF 87
39. Hummels Bayern Munich CB 87
40. Handanovič Inter GK 87
41. Busquets Barcelona CDM 87
42. Vidal Bayern Munich CM 87
43. Benzema Real Madrid ST 87
44. Silva Manchester City CAM 87
45. Rodrguez Real Madrid CAM 87
46. Robben Bayern Munich RM 87
47. Payet West Ham LM 86
48. Aubameyang Borussia Dortmund ST 86
49. Marcelo Real Madrid LB 86
50. Matuidi Paris Saint Germain CDM 86

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That’s all for the game’s top 50 – worth bearing in mind, though, is that the Overall ratings are generally most important for Career Mode in FIFA 17. For The Journey, you won’t be doing any transfer wheeling and dealing, whilst in Ultimate Team, you’ll find Chemistry is much more important than actual player ratings, particularly when Chemistry Styles are capable of boositing a selection of your players’ stats by a whopping 90 points in total.

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