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Dragon Age Inquisition: Trespasser DLC sets up Dragon Age 4

Play through Dragon Age Inquisition’s Trespasser DLC and you may be surprised by the extent it sets up the series’ future.


Trespasser is primarily an epilogue for Inquisition – and a good one (look for Eurogamer’s full review on Monday).

But one major story thread is deliberately left open, and there’s a hugely unsubtle hint at where the next Dragon Age game will likely be set.

If you’ve yet to complete Trespasser and care about story spoilers, this is your final warning.

Whatever your choices during Trespasser’s storyline (we won’t spoil its other story beats here) the DLC ends with the Inquisitor planning a new group of allies that can track down renegade elf Solas.

This new group will come from outside Orlais and Fereldan, the main regions of Dragon Age’s world featured in the series so far.

The final shot of the DLC sees the Inquisitor planting a knife firmly in a map of the Tevinter Imperium, an area much talked about but, as yet, never visited.

Solas appears briefly in Trespasser to reveal major details about his true identity as the Dread Wolf, a fact that was only revealed during Inquisition’s ending credits stinger.

His true ambitions are also laid bare – and leave him as a central player in the future of Dragon Age’s world.

A focus on Tevinter will also likely see the return of Inquisition character Dorian, who returns home to Tevinter to take up a spot on its Imperial Senate.

BioWare has yet to announce a Dragon Age 4 or even confirm another game in the series will actually be made. But, judging by the positive reception to Inquisition, it is a fairly safe bet.

However, any future Dragon Age game is likely some years away. BioWare is busy building Mass Effect: Andromeda, due out late next year, and a new IP, presumably due to release at some point after.


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