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Doom's free update today adds a score-attack Arcade mode

Doom just received a new update that adds a whole new single-player score-attack mode to the game.


Dubbed Arcade Mode, this transforms Doom’s single-player campaign into a series of challenges players can compete with each other on via leaderboards.

In Arcade mode, all guns, runes, upgrades and equipment are unlocked. Players customise their look, loadouts and gear upon entering a stage, then rack up a high score through consecutive kills, attaining multipliers and avoiding damage.

The new Doom update also adds the Classic Doom textures to SnapMap, should folks wish to create stages in the style of the old Doom games. Id Software even created a few old-fashioned stages to get the ball rolling. But will they be as cool as that three-hour map an EG reader built in Doom 2?

Another new SnapMap feature makes it easier for players to review and recommend SnapMaps they’ve played, and you can now subscribe to individual creators’ output via the new Snap Feed feature.