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Dishonored: Definitive Edition review

In addition to the main game, this package includes the three main
pieces of DLC released on last-gen. The Knife of Dunwall and The
Brigmore Witches are narrative chunks that place you in the bloody shoes
of Empress Kaldwin’s killer, Daud. There’s some overlap between his
power’s and Corvo’s, but enough difference that things feel suitably
mixed up.

Dunwall City Trials introduces bite-sized challenges that test
your mettle at stealth, movement, bloodshed and so on. It’s a neat way
of expanding on a game that, at its core, is about the interaction of
these satisfying systems – especially if you’re a perfectionist who
considers themselves more of a Corvo Attain-o.

So is
Dishonored: Definitive Edition worth strapping the hideous mask back on
for? At £30/$40 for the main game plus hours of DLC, it’s certainly an
attractive package for those who’ve yet to dip into the dark delights of
Dunwall. What’s more, if you bought the original game digitally on Xbox
360 – and seeing as it was on Games with Gold last August, you’ve
really no excuse – you can pick this up for half price on Xbox One,
which is roughly about as much as you’d spend on buying the DLC. For
newbie wetworkers, then, a definite must; for old hands who’ve already
bled Dunwall dry, I’d advise a more cautious approach.

A version of this review appears in Official Xbox Magazine.

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