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Destiny Moments of Triumph Year 2 guide


For a second year, Destiny is giving players a series of challenges to complete as part of the Moments of Triumph event, giving players to earn exclusive rewards for taking on some of the game’s toughest challenges.

All based on The Taken King’s many activities, it’s a little tougher than last year’s event, with challenges including collecting all 50 Calcified Fragment collectibles, defeating the King’s Fall Raid on Hard, and completing the lengthy Exotic Sword questline.

If you’re been playing plenty of Destiny in its second year, you should already have a handful ticked off the list, thanks to the more straightforward story mission and April Update objectives – and we have a guide to help you finish the rest.

You have until September 20 – in order words, just before the start of Year 3 and the release of new expansion Rise of Iron – to complete every challenge. Good luck!

Year 2 Moments of Triumph challenges

Moments of Triumph tracker

For the first time, players can track their Moment of Triumph progress with an in-game book, similar to what you could purchase with this year’s Sparrow Racing update. To collect it, visit the Postmaster.

You can also track your progress online. Go to the Bungie.net website, log into your PSN or Xbox Live account, then select My Legend and Progress, displaying all completed challenges and rewards.


Moments of Triumph rewards

For every two challenges you complete, you will receive a new reward exclusive to this year’s event. In order, they are:

  • 2 challenges completed – ‘Caelestis’ Armour Shader
  • 4 challenges completed – ‘Shield of the Traveler’ Emblem
  • 6 challenges completed – ‘Dawncaller’ Armor Shader
  • 8 challenges completed – ‘Hear the Call’ Emblem
  • 10 challenges completed – Chance to order a, exclusive customisable T-shirt to benefit the Bungie Foundation

All of this is much better than last year’s Moments of Triumph reward – which simply the Laurea Prima emblem.

Moments of Triumph Year 2 guide:

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How to complete the story, sub-class and Crucible-related Year 2 Moments of Triumph challenge, The Mountaintop.

Destiny Moments of Triumph – Return to the Reef, Challenge of the Elders
How to complete the newly-added April update activities.

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How to get The Taken King’s much sought-after Legendary and Exotic Swords.

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How to beat The Taken King’s raid on the toughest difficulty.

Destiny Calcified Fragment locations for Eris Morn’s Revenge
How to find all 50 hidden collectables in The Taken King.

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