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Dark Souls 2 – Crown of the Sunken King walkthrough

If you’ve already managed to somehow fight your way past even the most unpleasant opponents in Dark Souls 2, you’ll be pleased to know that the first bit of DLC content is available now. Titled Crown of the Sunken King, it’s the first of three new drops in the The Lost Crowns trilogy of content, with the remaining two instalments scheduled to be released in August and September.

This new adventure will send you deep into the dank and dismal bowels of the Necropolis of Shulva. There, expect more of the series’ trademark behemoth bosses, equally agonising trash opponents, and more traps than would be strictly sensible to have peppered throughout this sort of enclosed space.

Starting with Crown of the Sunken King, we’re putting together a complete walkthrough for this new content, so you can breeze your way through any unbearably troublesome encounters you stumble across. It goes without saying that there’s no shortage of spoilers within this article, so tread cautiously.

If you’re still struggling to finish off the vanilla version of Dark Souls 2, we’ve already produced a comprehensive guide to the game. We’ve included links to our original walkthrough at the bottom of this page, so you can dip in and finish off any outstanding business first. Good luck!

Crown of the Sunken King – Shulva, Sanctum City, statues, Poison Stone, pillars
How to access the new DLC and make it through Shulva, Sanctum City.

Crown of the Sunken King – Dragon’s Sanctum, Dragon Charms, altar, Eternal Sanctum Key
Our guide to passing safely through Dragon’s Sanctum.

Crown of the Sunken King – Elana, the Squalid Queen, tactics, boss strategy
Simple tactics to help you defeat Elana, teh Squalid Queen on your first attempt.

Crown of the Sunken King – Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon, boss guide, weaknesses
How to destroy the second and final boss of the Crown of the Sunken King.

Crown of the Sunken King – Finding the Cave of the Dead, Rockshield Baldyr
Our guide to finding the Cave of the Dead, and surviving the deadly invasion.

Crown of the Sunken King – Cave of the Dead, worm, Brightbugs, Alluring Skulls
A survival guide for this deadly cave.

Crown of the Sunken King – Graverobber, Varg, Cerah
How to defeat all three bosses in the final encounter.

Dark Souls 2 – walkthrough and strategy guide
Our comprehensive guide to all of the previous Dark Souls 2 content.

Dark Souls 2 – Crown of the Old Iron King walkthrough and strategy guide
Finished this episode? Here’s our guide to the second.


Got business to take care of before starting the DLC? We’ve also got a comprehensive walkthrough to help you beat the main game.

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