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Christmassy Destiny 2 event The Dawning kicks off next week

Destiny 2’s first seasonal event, The Dawning, arrives next week on Tuesday, 19th December.

Three weeks long, it’ll conclude on Tuesday, 9th January.

Included in the update are new snowball fight activities in social areas, snowball weapons in Strikes, the supercharged Mayhem mode in Crucible and the ability to collect and receive gifts for your favourite vendors and agents.


And, of course, there will be new cosmetic items available via Eververse. Notably, this includes the first ever event-exclusive exotic ship, ghost, sparrow and emote, as well a set of wintery armour.


The original Destiny featured The Dawning back in the day, as well – expect the usual dusting of snow and decorations and all the rest of it. There’s still no Eva Levante, though.

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