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Celebrating Devrim Kay, Destiny's first gay character

You don’t have to venture far in Destiny 2 to find Devrim Kay, your contact and reptuation vendor for Earth’s European Dead Zone. He’s a gruff, grey-haired sniper who spends his days and nights picking off enemies from the rafters of a ruined church.


Destiny 2’s post-apocalyptic Paul Hollywood, Devrim Kay.

Devrim is British – so, predictably, if you stick around for some of his ambient speech he will discuss a love of tea. Stick around longer and you’ll hear him talk of his loneliness from being stuck out in the wild, and sometimes he’ll mention Mark, his partner.

The fact Devrim has a guy waiting for him back home is just one part of his identity, and is revealed through casual dialogue in a way that feels natural and unforced. You’ll hear Devrim talk about the home-cooked meals he misses and speak aloud his thoughts – that he’s keeping safe, but would quite like Mark to send over more tea.

All characters in Destiny offer up a fair bit of information if you stick around them long enough. Destiny 1’s old Eva would often talk about her (rather sad) life, Eris would mumble about her Hive dreams and the Speaker would pontificate about some part of obscure lore.