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Lawbreakers PS4 launch code hitches and stutters


Gravity-defying multiplayer shooter Lawbreakers suffers from profound hitching issues on PlayStation 4, making the game difficult to enjoy at launch. Gameplay on PS4 stutters at critical moments, often ruining one versus one encounters. Meanwhile, our tests reveal that PC runs without any similar problems, based on the limited time we’ve ...

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War has loot boxes


Warner Bros. has announced Middle-earth: Shadow of War has loot boxes. A screenshot showing what it looks like when you open a chest in Shadow of War. The single-player action adventure has an in-game store, called the Market, that sells orcs and other items for use in the game’s Nemesis ...

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Konami announces exclusive global partnership with…


Hot on the heels of sparkling deals with Barcelona, Liverpool and, er, Usain Bolt comes Konami’s latest partnership for PES 2018. Do you think they realise we’re not in the Premier League? It’s a London club. It’s in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham… It’s Fulham. Well, Craven Cottage ...

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Friday the 13th has sold over 1.8m copies


Friday the 13th: The Game has sold over 1.8m units since its launch in May. That’s a huge sales success. However Wes Keltner, the head of publisher Gun Media, admitted the road has been a long and difficult one. “It’s been a long two months from our team here at ...

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Persona Q2 announced for Nintendo 3DS


Atlus has announced a few new Persona games, including a new one for the Nintendo 3DS. This is all we’ve got on Persona Q2 for now. Persona Q2 was announced at the wonderfully-named Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb!!!! 2017 concert at Yokohama Arena, with a website revealing the name of ...

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Minecraft's cross-network update now playable in beta


Minecraft’s game-changing cross-network update is now available to beta test if you are on a Windows 10 PC or Android PC. Xbox One beta access will follow “in the coming days”, Microsoft stated in a blog update. Each version will let you play with people on other platforms, such is ...

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Tracing the panoramic obsessions of Destiny


Editor’s note: Once a month we invite the wonderful Gareth Damian Martin, editor of Heterotopias, to show us what proper writing about games looks like before we shoo him away for making the rest of us look bad. You can read Gareth’s pieces on Dark Souls and Resident Evil – ...

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