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Overwatch League launches with a bang and dominates Twitch viewing figures


Overwatch has struggled as an esport but yesterday Blizzard’s big hope, the new Overwatch League, launched with a bang. For several hours, Overwatch League dominated Twitch viewing figures, dwarfing League of Legend’s and PUBG’s most popular streamers. The Overwatch League follows a dozen professional teams headquartered at major cities around ...

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New PUBG crates let you dress up like a Biker or Desperado


Forget the silly patch notes – there are new PUBG costumes in town (on the PC test server)! Now you can dress up like a Biker or a Desperado! That’s a Desperado jacket apparently. The words are capitalised because they’re the name of two new PUBG crates, each of which ...

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The making of Supreme Commander


The mid-nineties was an era when PC gaming began in earnest, kick-started by the mighty Doom’s release in 1993. First-person shooters burgeoned as a result, and their combination with the real-time strategy genre conspired to make the humble home personal computer a powerful commercial gaming platform. And when it came ...

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I spent Christmas in space


WARNING: This piece contains spoilers for Tacoma. I’ve never totally understood why Christmas is a time for ghost stories, but please don’t mistake my confusion for disapproval. I’m very, very happy to spike the schmaltz with something creepy. Which is why, between calculating volumes of red cabbage to braise and ...

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Sea of Thieves is getting a beautiful Xbox One controller


Microsoft has shown off a frankly beautiful custom controller it has cooked up for Sea of Thieves. Rare’s piratey sandbox game is launching very soon, on 20th March, but this controller will be available even sooner – on 15th February. And yes, that indented pirate logo is indeed glow-in-the-dark. The ...

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Insurgency: Sandstorm has dropped its planned story mode


Insurgency: Sandstorm, the latest entry in the popular multiplayer shooter series, will no longer feature a story mode at launch, developer New World Interactive has announced. Sandstorm was revealed at the start of 2016, and continues Insurgency’s focus on tactical, multiplayer first-person combat. It was to be the first game ...

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