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Next week, Destiny 2's Nightfall becomes more like Destiny 1's


Destiny 2’s top-level Nightfall activity will change next week to become more similar to Destiny 1’s – and that’s a good thing. Auras are now tied to your emblem. As previously confirmed, Bungie is removing the Nightfall’s time limit and adding a scoring structure based largely around how many enemies ...

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In praise of video game castles


In a certain phase of my childhood I lived for castles. My sacred texts were the stories of King Arthur and Robin Hood; my toyboxes were filled with Lego knights, and there wasn’t a photo to be had of me where I wasn’t striking a heroic pose and pretending to ...

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Bungie is making Destiny 2 faster and more lethal


Bungie has announced sweeping changes to the way Destiny 2 feels to play – and the upshot is the shared-world shooter should play faster and more lethal. One of the gripes players have with Destiny 2, particularly with regards to the competitive multiplayer portion of the game, is it feels ...

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