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Next week, Destiny 2 gets its first Iron Banner for PC


Iron Banner, Destiny 2’s monthly multiplayer event, returns next week on all platforms. It’s notable, however, for being the first Iron Banner – ever – which PC players can join in with as well. From 21st – 28th November, Iron Banner will feature rounds of Clash (standard team deathmatch). Players ...

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 review


Let’s get straight to the burning issue, shall we? Towards the tail-end of Star Wars Battlefront’s release, EA made noises that it was thinking about doing away with the traditional season pass that accompanied its big ticket console games, a model its multiplayer shooters had been stuck with for some ...

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Dangerous sports for a frosty morning


Sometimes a crow is the perfect companion. All the way through the demo for Lonely Mountains: Downhill, you can hear this crow, solitary as ever, that ragged call mournful one minute and sarcastic the next. And while you can’t see the bird itself you can imagine it, rickety on its ...

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Wolfenstein 2: the biggest jump yet from PS4 Pro to Xbox One X?

Wolfenstein 2 is one of the most exceptional graphical showcases of the generation so far – a 60 frames per second shooter with beautiful dynamic lighting and shading, GPU-accelerated particles and a state-of-the-art post-process pipeline. However, it does have one weakness: performance. PS4, Pro and Xbox One can’t quite lock ...

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Video games and improv are made for each other


I started acting when I was fifteen. It was the freedom that attracted me; years of shyness and frustration shunted cleanly out of the way with scripts and imaginary characters to hide behind. A few decades of training, performing, directing, then teaching eventually lead to two years of standing on ...

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Super Lucky's Tale review


On the surface, Lucky the fox is a perfect example of why you should never, ever name your kid “Lucky”. His debut adventure was tied to the Oculus Rift, which meant that its impact was always going to be pretty limited. Even then, in amongst all those weird treats that ...

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