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The untold origin story of Creative Assembly


A school gym in England, mid-’90s, and two local rugby players await orders. One is small and wide and called Adrian, and one is tall and weighs about 20 stone. He’s Big Dave. Adrian has been getting flattened by Big Dave all day but he keeps getting back up. It’s ...

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The Walking Dead: Our World sounds like Pokémon Go with zombies

Lucille chooses you. By Vic Hood Published 29/08/2017 AMC and Finnish developer Next Games have announced they are releasing a new location-based augmented reality mobile game, The Walking Dead: Our World, based on the hit AMC TV show. The Walking Dead: Our World lets players fight walkers in real-life locations, ...

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Blizzard launches Battle.net mobile app for Android and iOS


By Vic Hood Published 28/09/2017 Blizzard has released a mobile app version of its Battle.net software for iOS and Android. Image credit Blizzard. Unfortunately the app doesn’t do much right now, apart from letting users add players via Battletag or QR code, chat on the go and see which games ...

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A fireside chat with Hearthstone's biggest bosses


By Tom Phillips Published 28/09/2017 I’ve been playing Hearthstone now for more than four years, since the days of its closed beta, but I can still remember every update to the game and how well it stuck with me, and how, generally, it was received by the game’s talkative community. ...

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Warner Bros. apologises for Shadow of War Forthog DLC confusion


Warner Bros. has apologised for the way it handled the controversial Shadow of War Forthog Orc-Slayer DLC and offered refunds to those who bought it. Forthog will on occasion appear to one-hit kill whichever enemy the player character is up against. Think the Mysterious Stranger from the Fallout series. Monolith ...

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Super Meat Boy Forever and the return of Team Meat


By Tom Phillips Published 26/09/2017 Nearly six years ago, Super Meat Boy co-creator Tommy Refenes prototyped a mobile version of the game on his laptop, working in a hotel room just before GDC. It was rough and early, but as he worked the game grew from the idea of a ...

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Hob review


Hob’s world is a mechanism: a beautiful, delicate thing of dials and pulleys and clamps and switches. It is intricate, and it is precise, and as you play through Hob the world you move through is never far from your thoughts. You descend beneath its copper and slate crust at ...

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