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XP is helping me to learn German


Now everyone has agreed that Britain leaving the EU is going to go horribly, all that’s left is to argue over whose fault it will be when the nation tumbles off a cliff edge into the dust of irrelevance. Runners include: David Cameron (the absolute plum who thought calling the ...

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Blizzard launches Battle.net mobile app for Android and iOS


By Vic Hood Published 28/09/2017 Blizzard has released a mobile app version of its Battle.net software for iOS and Android. Image credit Blizzard. Unfortunately the app doesn’t do much right now, apart from letting users add players via Battletag or QR code, chat on the go and see which games ...

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Super Meat Boy Forever and the return of Team Meat


By Tom Phillips Published 26/09/2017 Nearly six years ago, Super Meat Boy co-creator Tommy Refenes prototyped a mobile version of the game on his laptop, working in a hotel room just before GDC. It was rough and early, but as he worked the game grew from the idea of a ...

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Tengami dev's next game is 'astrological comedy' Astrologaster


Nyamyam – the team behind 2014’s pop-up book puzzle game Tengami – has debuted its next project at EGX. Astrologaster is a narrative adventure featuring real historical figure Simon Forman, a ‘doctor’ in the 16th century who solved people’s problems and medical ills – from love triangles to syphilis – ...

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Pokémon Go introduces Super Incubators in Equinox event


After the madness of Pokmon Go’s summer Legendary raiding, the app is bringing back its smaller scale monthly events. First up is Equinox, to celebrate the arrival of autumn. It will run from 9pm UK time on Friday 22nd September until 9pm UK time on Monday 2nd October. Most notable ...

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Now you can get a 3D-printed Hearthstone card as your phone case


Hearthstone players can now call upon their favourite cards and cardbacks in these snazzy 3D-printed phone cases. Manufacturer Fabzat worked with Blizzard to offer numerous cards such as Dr. Boom, Leeroy Jenkins or Ragnaros the Firelord, or fan-favourite cardbacks such as the game’s Fireside, Pirates! or Love Is In the ...

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Thimbleweed Park sets release dates on Switch, iOS and Android


Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion co-creator Ron Gilbert’s retro point-and-click detective comedy Thimbleweed Park is coming to Switch, IOS and Android in the next few weeks. First off is its iOS premiere on 19th September. Then comes the Switch version on 21st September. This will feature optional touchscreen controls in ...

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