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Reigns and Clash Royale: Leadership is hard


I was reflecting the other day on the fact that leadership is hard. This wasn’t, thankfully, because anybody had put me in charge of anything. I had simply glanced at my phone screen during an idle moment to see two crowns glancing back at me from different app icons, and ...

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The Star Wars Day game sales and promotions


Looking for a Rey to spend your money? Ren look no further for it is Star Wars Day! M’az Kanata believe it! There are promotions on Steam, GOG, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and the App Store. Google Play doesn’t seem to be doing anything significant. There are a handful of ...

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Miitomo's best Miifoto pictures

Downloaded 2m times in 12 hours. By Tom Phillips Published 01/04/2016 If you’ve spent any time on Twitter or Facebook over the past 24 hours then you’ll have probably seen a glut of Miitomo pictures pop up. Nintendo’s first smartphone app lets you snap a Miifoto of your avatar and ...

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Apple iPhone sales fall for the first time ever


For the first time since time began, iPhone sales fell, which meant – for the first time since 2003 – Apple posted a quarterly revenue decline. In the quarter ended 26th March, Apple recorded 51m iPhone sales, which is a significant drop of 10m on the same period a year ...

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Blizzard has nerfed Hearthstone's "sorry" emote


Blizzard has removed the ability to say “sorry” to your Hearthstone opponents. The collectible card battler has allowed players to apologise since its earliest alpha. But, as of today’s patch 5.0, this is no longer the case. While there may be some players out there, somewhere, who used the emote ...

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Apple iPhone SE review


There was a time when you could always rely on Apple to bring the most powerful smartphone technology to market in the smallest possible form-factor, a proud tradition that persisted up until the release of the iPhone 6. It may well have been a relatively svelte 4.7-incher in a world ...

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