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New Pokémon mobile game Magikarp Jump released today


Move over Pokmon Go, there’s a new mobile Pokmon game in town: Magikarp Jump. The app stars Pokmon’s most pathetic creature in a new Poksport – jumping. But perhaps most interesting is the game’s way of tackling its free to play mechanics. As you’d expect, there are lumps of currency ...

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Angry Birds movie is getting a sequel


The Angry Birds Movie is getting a sequel to coincide with the game’s 10-year anniversary. Launching on 20th September, 2019, this sequel will be another joint collaboration between developer Rovio and Sony Pictures. The film’s existence shouldn’t come as a surprise given that the first Angry Birds movie earned $350m ...

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The Walking Dead Season 3: Episode 4 is due next week

PC iPhone iPad Android Mac PlayStation 4 Xbox One That was fast. By Jeffrey Matulef Published 20/04/2017 The Walking Dead: A New Frontier’s (i.e. Season 3) fourth episode, Thicker Than Water, is due on 25th April for PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android platforms. That’s a pretty quick turnaround, ...

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Another Pokémon Go event rocks app next week


Pokmon Go is Strengthening itself up for another Splash of an event – but we’ll Cut to the chase. Next week, the Flash of a spotlight will be on rock-type Pokmon. From 16th – 25th May you’ll see more rock-type critters in your game. This follows a similar event for ...

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Fez is coming to iOS this year

PC Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 iPhone iPad Mac PlayStation Vita PlayStation 4 Adventure is ready! By Jeffrey Matulef Published 14/04/2017 Eurogamer’s Game of 2012 Fez is getting an iOS port later this year, developer Polytron has announced. Fez was released to critical acclaim upon its 2012 launch on Xbox 360. ...

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Things in games are having a moment


I half remember a brilliant review from the old, old days – which in games probably means it was around ten years ago at most. This review was for a shooter sequel of some kind, back in that period when designers were starting to experiment with putting physics objects into ...

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Spaceplan is the 2001 of clicker games


It is the fate of the clicker game to start very small and end very big. Often, to end very, very big. By ‘small’, I mean maybe you make a cookie. Maybe you make another, then another, then another. By ‘big’, I mean maybe you own cookie factories, a cookie ...

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