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Why the spirit of Flash gaming must never die


By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell Published 18/08/2017 From around 2009 to 2011 I edited a Flash gaming blog called Flytrap for AOL. A belated effort to expand the company’s then-considerable downloadable games business, Flytrap was a tawdry, clumsy little thing, all celebrity plugs and clunky-to-implement gallery modules plus the odd dollop of ...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 review


In terms of PR nightmares, releasing a phone that could potentially explode ranks pretty highly. The fallout from the high-publicised recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has done a fair amount of damage to the reputation of the South Korean tech giant, but consumers are quick to forgive and ...

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Here's a brand new card from Hearthstone's next expansion


Blizzard has given us a new card to reveal from Hearthstone’s next expansion Knights of the Frozen Throne. It’s named Venomstrike Trap, and is a Hunter-class Secret. Here it is: Venomstrike Trap is a two-cost Hunter secret which summons a 2/3 Poisonous Cobra when one of your minions gets attacked. ...

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Sega's back catalogue is headed to mobile with Sega Forever


Could there be a more perfect example of Nintendo’s philosophy than the NES Mini? To Nintendo, video games exist somewhere inside the relationship between hardware and software, so even if you’re offering a bunch of emulated classics, you should make sure the box that they come is fit for purpose. ...

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Pokémon GO to brand cheaters with mark of shame


Pokmon GO developer Niantic has unleashed a new tool to discourage cheating in its augmented-reality game, this time by shaming them. As revealed in a Reddit post by a Niantic rep, a new update, live today, will add a mark in the inventory of anyone caught using third-party software. “With ...

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Old Man's Journey review


Old Man’s Journey feels a lot like a children’s book – one of those beautiful ones, with huge illustrations brightly printed on decent paper. The kind a certain kind of person might not really want to read with actual children, who would spill things, crease things, crayon all over things. ...

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Android owners catch a break in this amazing Humble Bundle


Android has long played second fiddle in the mobile game department with the more mainstream Apple courting the development market, but Android device owners are catching a break with the latest Android-exclusive Humble Bundle, which offers many of the greatest adventure games in years for an extraordinarily low price. Pay ...

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