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Animal Crossing and Mario Maker Amiibo spotted


Nintendo has accidentally leaked what looks like another E3 announcement – a new range of Amiibo toys for Animal Crossing, and one for platformer-building sandbox Mario Maker. The image below is currently viewable on Nintendo of Europe’s own official site. We’ve known about card-based Amiibo for Animal Crossing for some ...

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Donkey Kong and Bowser guest star in Skylanders: SuperChargers

Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Hammer Slam Bowser will make guest appearances in this year’s new Skylanders game, SuperChargers. Each character has a figurine that will only work on Nintendo platforms. Intriguingly, each has a switch on the base that will allow you to toggle the figures between recognised as ...

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Nintendo's painful metamorphosis leaves fans reeling


Nintendo’s E3 was always going to be a strange one, yet what unfurled in its Digital Event was as bizarre a piece of corporate theatre as its infamous 2008 conference, where the company danced to the grating tune of Wii Music and its over-energetic re-reveal. Back then, Nintendo fell out ...

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The E3 Bulletin: Thursday


Our daily roundups from E3 2015: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Friday With Shenmue 3 and The Last Guardian now back on the scene (although the latter totally unchanged since we last saw it and the former not without some concerns) we’ve been wondering what unicorns the industry has ...

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Zelda: Triforce Heroes' campaign won't support two-player mode


Zelda: Triforce Heroes’ main story mode won’t support two-player play. Triforce Heroes is basically a bunch of key parties in dungeons. According to a report by Kotaku, the game’s main campaign can be played either as a trio or solo – in which case the player switches between the roles ...

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