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Review: Review: MSI GT73VR 6RF Titan Pro


We’re still waiting with baited breath for AMD’s Polaris architecture to hit the laptop world, but in the meantime Nvidia is steaming ahead and getting Pascal into the hands of the big players. This month we’ve already reviewed a dual GeForce GTX 1080 beast, but MSI’s brand new GT73VR opts ...

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Review: Review: Metabox Prime-X P870DM2-G


With the release of Nvidia’s new mobile Pascal series, gaming notebook performance has taken a giant leap forwards. Last month’s review of the Asus GL502 with Geforce GTX 1070 mobile showed that we’ve entered a new era of gaming performance on the go, almost doubling the performance of what we ...

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Review: Review: Asus GL502VS with GeForce GTX 1070


It’s finally here. Two months after the release of the desktop GeForce GTX 1070 comes the mobile version, and it’s quite unlike anything we’ve seen from a mobile GPU release before. Whereas past mobile versions of chips were huge cut-backs from their desktop equivalent, Nvidia has actually beefed this up ...

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Upgrade Australia: The Power Arena performance PC winner!


At the fabulous Upgrade Australia event we recently held, the Power Arena made its debut. Hosted by master overclocker and all-round performance addict Josh Collins, we invited submissions from across the land. Josh pitted each against each other in a battle of benchmarking intensity, and after many hours of grueling ...

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