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Review: MSI Vortex G65 Gaming Desktop GTX980 SLI


Amazingly built, somewhat expensive… I’m absolutely torn when it comes to this amazing gaming machine from MSI. On the one hand, I’ve never seen so much gaming prowess jammed into such a tiny package – this is truly an incredible feat of engineering. On the other hand, there’s that rather ...

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Review: MSI GT83VR 7RF Titan SLI gaming laptop


Raw horsepower that lacks image quality. You know a gaming laptop is going to be rather powerful when it ships with not one, but two power bricks. They’re joined together via a special Y-shaped adaptor which plugs into the rear of this brute of a laptop, suggesting that it sucks ...

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Hands-on Preview: Acer Predator Triton 700


This super-slim gaming laptop has a heart of glass. Razer had better watch its back: the current king of thin-but-powerful gaming laptops has a new challenger. Acer’s Predator Triton 700 has all the top-spec hardware you’d expect, courtesy of Intel and Nvidia, but hasn’t piled on the pounds to make room ...

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Review: Lenovo Y710 Cube gaming PC


Small, sexy, and super-fast… but no SSD as standard? Lenovo might be better known for its office and productivity PCs, but it’s being making a go of the gaming market in recent times. Their latest shot at gaming greatness is the Y710 Cube, an almost-mini-PC that packs some decent hardware ...

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The Gaming Edge: Gigabyte and Aorus


Sponsored: Aorus, a premium gaming brand powered by Gigabyte, delivers a full spectrum of gaming products ranging from gaming laptops, motherboards, graphics cards, and mechanical gaming keyboards. Ryzen Powerful in Purpose. Efficient in Design The new Gigabyte Gaming and Aorus Gaming Motherboards will be built with support for AMD Ryzen CPU ...

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Review: Corsair One Pro gaming PC


It’s a trim, taut, and rather terrific second go at PC building from Corsair. Corsair’s no stranger to PC building. Apart from having a wide range of components under its belt, from cases to power supplies, it’s also had a go with the Bulldog kit PC. It was an odd ...

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