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Review: Review: Acer Predator 17


The Acer Predator 17 is an old-school gaming laptop; it’s big, heavy, and mighty expensive. But it’s also kick-arse fast, able to whip through The Witcher 3’s highest settings without batting an eye-lid. In this era of ultra-portable, wannabe, gaming laptops that struggle to run Solitaire, it’s refreshing to see ...

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Review: Review: MSI GS40 6QE Phantom


W hen it comes to gaming laptops, one company in particular seems to have the market stitched up. MSI has easily the widest range of gaming laptops in Australia, which is probably also why they tend to offer the best value. The new GS40 is a 14 incher that balances ...

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Review: Review: Metabox Prime P870DM-G


Considering the power pack on this gaming brute weighs more than most ultraportable laptops, it’s obvious that the Prime is not designed for prime moving. At almost 5kg in weight, this is a bruiser built to do one thing, and one thing only – kick major gaming butt. If you’re ...

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Review: Review: Alienware 15 R2


Once gaming laptops were a rarity. Not any more. Now, everyone from small, specialist brands to HP want a piece of the action, and with systems ranging from cut-price weaklings to super-powered $5,000 brutes, you’re spoilt for choice. In fact, it sometimes seems like you’re too spoilt. Where do you ...

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Review: Review: Asus GL552


W hen it comes to gaming laptops, it’s hard to look past the landslide of releases from MSI and Aorus – it seems that every other month they’ve released the umpteenth version of their most popular models. Yet Asus tends to stick to more productivity and consumer focused laptops, which ...

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Review: Reviews: Aorus X3 Plus v5


J ust over a year ago we checked out the Aorus X3 v3 gaming laptop, and were impressed at its ability to pack solid gaming performance into a relatively portable form factor. Since then the price has jumped $700 in the move to the v5 (we didn’t get the v4 down ...

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Acer releases new Predator gaming machines in Australia


Acer’s Predator range has just expanded mightily, with a range of new PCs and monitors touching down in Australia today. Coming out swinging that the new Predators are for ‘serious gamers’, Acer’s new range centers around the admittedly impressive and rather serious Predator G6 desktop machine. The G6 is powered ...

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Review: Review: Aorus X7 Pro-Sync


I t’s possible to pick up a decent gaming laptop for around two grand these days, so when we saw this new 17 incher from Aorus cost twice that, we knew it was going to be packed to the gills with high-powered goodness. Closer examination revealed that this is indeed ...

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