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89-rated Gareth Bale drops out of top 10 players for FIFA 18

Poor Gareth Bale. Not only does he have to contend with annoying recurring injuries and the nagging sense that Real Madrid’s going to sell him sooner rather than later, but he’s now found himself relegated from FIFA’s top 10 rated players list.


Gareth Bale in FIFA 18.

Each year, ahead of the release of the latest FIFA game, EA Sports announces the top 100 rated players in the game. (It’s a big deal for fans who pump hundreds of hours into FIFA Ultimate Team.)

So, we come to the top 10 rated players for FIFA 18 and Gareth Bale. Bale, who in FIFA 17 was number six with an overall rating of 90, finds himself down to 17th with a rating of 89 in FIFA 18.

Now, Bale is obviously still an awesome player in the game, and he’s only suffered a single point loss overall, but that’s resulted in a steep drop of 11 places in the list. Such is the brutal, unforgiving life of a FIFA Ultimate Team character.

Here’s EA’s official blurb for Bale:

“One of (if not the) best Welshmen to ever step onto the pitch, Bale’s 94 Pace makes him also one of the fastest players in the world. But the winger is more than just pure speed; 86 Dribbling and 87 Shooting give him the skills to cut inside and accurately take shots on goal, and an 84 Passing shows him to be a top crosser.”

Elsewhere, injured striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who was seventh in FIFA 17, is down to 30th place in FIFA 18. That’s not a surprise. The ageing superstar suffered a damaging injury earlier this year that left him without a club before he signed a deal to return to Man Utd.

Cristiano Ronaldo is once again top of the tree. In fact the game’s top five players remains unchanged from last year’s game.

Ronaldo, who won the Spanish league title and the Champions League with Real Madrid last season, enjoys a 94 overall player rating in this year’s FIFA.

That’s one point ahead of long-standing rival Lionel Messi, who is second with a rating of 93.