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2014 Christmas Gift Guide: Luxury Stuff

We love this because it uses GPS technology not to display your location, but to sync the watch with the GPS satellite’s signal to ensure absolute precision. It will know where you are, too, of course, and display the time for the time zone you’re in, all automatically. 

Best of all, this Seiko uses a patented low-energy GPS chip that runs off a solar collector on the watch So, in one, you have a watch that’s atomic-clock-accurate, updates itself automatically for different time zones, and won’t impose any battery hassles. It’s also devilishly smart and a luxury piece that will last as long as you do.

WHO WOULD LOVE IT: It’s a big man-sized watch, so not one for the ladies, though we’re not ones to impose gender roles with anything this nice. So, it’s for someone who appreciates quality and clever engineering.

Asus occasionally make forays into complete integrated PC systems, and when the company does it’s executed with style and a serious eye for engineering quality. The ROG G20 is a good choice for someone who wants a high-end gaming PC but isn’t inclined to build it themselves, or to settle for a clone that looks like any other PC. The G20 is a good looking box, yet is very compact.

You can specify a CPU up to a Core i7 4890, up to two GTX 79 graphics cards as well as a range of memory and storage options. Take care, though, because the highly integrated design means that upgrading generally isn’t possible. On the flipside, the integrated design makes for a cool and quiet box, part of which comes from having the power supplies external.

WHO WOULD LOVE IT: A hardcore gamer with a sense of style. You could also ‘gift’ this to your living room, and use it as a game machine for playing on your big screen TV – a present for the whole family!

At an imposing ten grand, this TV is truly one that inhabits the expensive end of town, but that’s what you need to pay to enjoy a very large (55in) OLED. One day, soon we hope, OLED screens will fall in price, but for now this new technology isn’t cheap. It isn’t a question of whether or not it’s worth ten big ones, because it isn’t, but if you’re the luxury-type with a bit of cash to burn what you get is the best screen image available today. OLED, unlike LCD, requires no backlighting so contrast and colour depth is exceptional, furthermore OLED is essentially ‘printed’ onto a plastic sheet so the screens themselves are delectably thin, works of art in themselves.

WHO WOULD LOVE IT: This is a gift for the whole family.

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